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Apr 25, 2008

Free Broadway Tickets in New York: if you volunteer to usher

You can get in to Some shows for free: In exchange for an hour or so of your time (usually before the show, sometimes half an hour afterwards), handing out programs or checking for forgotten handbags after the show.
Full Report in "THE AGE" by Sue White.

Volunteer Ushering is a little-known way to see shows for free. Forget lining up with the masses for cheap tickets, numerous New York theatres have volunteer usher programs, using up to a dozen volunteers per show.
Call the theatre's box office or house manager and ask if they use volunteer ushers, and how to register.

Each theatre will have its own system, so there's a bit of running around involved to set things up but, as some have pointed out, this is no more time and energy than you might expend lining up for last-minute tickets or at the half-price ticket box.

Sue White says: "Volunteer ushering gave me the opportunity to see five shows in the space of a week. Ironically, the work is not usually "ushering" itself. You'll be stuffing programs with updates to the cast list and then checking for lost property after the show. My roles included pointing confused patrons to the bathrooms; handing out programs; and (my favourite), asking patrons to stand and wait while the "real" usher returned to show them to their seat. Only at the high-energy Blue Man Group show was I entrusted with the actual task of ushering - because the seating plan was so foolproof they figured a volunteer could hardly muck things up."

Once the lights go down, ushers are pointed to the best seats available and simply sit and enjoy the show.

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Armil@cheap broadway tickets in new york said...

I will gladly volunteer to be usher!. No matter what happens as long as I can have that free ticket! hahaha...