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Apr 27, 2008

Video Games Live: Review of New York City Show

As Gamers lined up outside the Beacon Theatre on Broadway, scalpers were asking up to $150 a ticket (Well... I was; maybe he saw me coming). The smoke machine had been trickling its haze onto the stage for a few hours, and the 2 hour rehearsal had almost covered all the music, with a few numbers left to be read at sight in the performance. The free coke being passed out by the line on the street had taken its effect as the orchestra made it's way on stage, and a costume contest was taking place: loudest applause wins...

The audience were given its money's worth. Most raucous were the volunteer moments when some vintage games were played live on stage to live orchestral backing: the conductor giving signals of which section to jump to if the player moved on, died, won, lost exploded or was run over by a car hit by a log. Frogger and space invaders, live... Who would have imagined 30 years later....

For the audience, it was a truly unique experience to hear some of their favorite game music played live with the energy of 40 musicians behind it. Halo, Final Fantasy... all really good music, and worth hearing in concert if you are familiar with it already.

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