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May 27, 2008

New York Harp Trio awarded $$ by Dame Joan Sutherland Fund

Article by Irving Waters

Manhattan based Chamber Music Ensemble: The New York Harp Trio, has just been awarded a grant from the Dame Joan Sutherland Fund to visit Melbourne, Australia later this year.

"The Ensemble, made up of Flute, Viola and Harp plays modern repertoire by composers around the world." says flutist, Anna Povich de Mayor. "We are excited to take Compositions we have discovered to Australia, as these pieces are so well received here in the United States. Robert Paterson's work: Embracing the Wind is a real masterpiece."

The Trio's Harp Player, Bridget Kibbey, has recently released a new CD called Love is Come Again, which has been moving off the shelves at a great pace, according to cd baby.

When the Trio arrives in Melbourne, Kibbey will be working with Stuart Greenbaum's composition students from Melbourne University on pieces they are writing especially for her.
"I'm so happy that Stuart's students will be writing for the Harp, mostly for the first time,"
says Kibbey,
"We'll be creating a new base of composers who will have learnt the ins and outs of composing for this beautiful instrument."

Peter Bucknell, Melbourne born Violist, fears that the Trio will have too much fun in his home town of Melbourne.
"It's possible that they may never come back, it happens all the time to Harp Players and Flute players. It's like the Bermuda Triangle for beer drinking musicians"
says Bucknell, between gulps of Fosters.
It seems that the Trio is looking forward to their three week trip to Australia, during which they will be performing at the Australian National Academy of Music, Bendigo's Soul Food Festival, The Port Fairy Festival, and concerts at Melbourne University, in Sorrento, and working with students at the Victorian College of the Arts and St Catherine's Girls School.

We wish them luck for their October Expedition Down Under, and urge them to come back to New York when their 'work is done'.... Cheers.
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