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Jun 30, 2008

Eddie Izzard at Radio City Music Hall, last night in New York City in "Stripped"

The thing about a Live Eddie Izzard Show is: you have to concentrate....
If you drift off for a second, you lose his super-unpredictable train of thought and strain to catch up what the truck he's talking about. But when you are on the train, it's hilarious.

If you don't already know enough about this street-trained-English comic/actor, take a look at his

Radio City Music Hall is HUGE... and controlling a crowd that big looked easy for Izzard, because it IS easy for him. He's a natural. It's like having a cup of tea for him...
I remember watching him in Edinburgh in the late 80's on his 6 foot Unicycle, escaping from a locked straight-jacket, while chatting with the audience. His street shows would sometimes last a couple of hours, which didn't make sense financially, but Eddie wasn't in it for the money. He just loves entertaining people.

Having a chat with his Dad after the show at the Penthouse of the Dream Hotel, Mr Izzard Sr. said that "Eddie has always been an entertainer".

Eddie was recently given an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Sheffield, where he was given the boot before being able to complete his studies in the 80's.
Needless to say Eddie's Dad is very proud, even through a 15 year bout of cross-dressing: Hair by Devachan (Read the Toimes article).

Eddie, a really lovely bloke, friendly and polite, and a pretty decent juggler (given time to warm up), encourages America to vote for Obama, and hopes that Americans will soon be able to travel without sewing Canadian flags to their luggage.

Here's a quick look at Covent Garden, where Eddie could be found about 20 years ago...
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