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Jun 18, 2008

Kathleen Turner, helps "New York's Frailest": Meals on Wheels.

Kathleen Turner is pleading to New Yorkers for money to help She is on the board of Citymeals-on-Wheels , a fine organization which raises private funds to ensure no homebound elderly New Yorker will ever go a day without food or human company. Last year 3 million nutritious meals were delivered to 18,000 frail aged in every borough of New York City. In addition, 1,511 volunteers collectively spent 40,357 hours visiting and delivering meals to New York’s frailest.

One hundred percent of all public donations go to the preparation and delivery of meals.

70% of their recipients over 80, and with corporate cutbacks they are about to hit the nasty red line where they have to tell old people that "they may only get two meals this week...."

New York City doesn't have the resources to cover what Meals on Wheels covers, which is where we have to step in.

Please donate here, $36 buys 6 meals for a nice little old lady. Go on.


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