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Mar 28, 2010

Dame Edna Everage returns to Broadway: in: "It's All About Me"

Despite rumours of a disastrous hip replacement operation and an expensive boob-job gone wrong, Mega Housewife: Dame Edna Everage will stuff her anecdotes in her sack and spill them on stage for New Yorkers in March 2010.

The coming show, described by her frightened handlers as "a glorious celebration of everything Edna" will likely be a massacre. Have a good stiff drink before curtain time if you are sitting in the front few rows, because she's had 5 years to sharpen her barbs since her Tony nominated 2004 show.

Borrowing repertoire from her close colleague, Beyonce Knowles, "all the single ladies" might be her biggest hit. Here's a preview:

For Tickets: check here

Theatre: Henry Miller's Theatre (New York, NY)
124 W. 43rd St.
New York, NY

Schedule: Monday through Saturday at 8pm
Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm

Beginning March 22:
Tuesday at 7pm
Wednesday through Saturday at 8pm
Wednesday and Saturday at 2pm
Sunday at 3pm

Time change:
Sunday, April 11 at 2pm
Sunday, June 13 at 2pm
Price: $49.50 - $126.50

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