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Dec 2, 2009

Kodak zi8 best HD portable video camera (the flip camera is dead) and now there's the "PlaySport" a waterproof version

Finally a manufacturer has designed a portable HD video camera with a microphone in jack.
This camera is available for $159 if you search. Bigger SD card is necessary than the included one, but they are cheap.
This guy has a nice video about it:

Here's some interesting footage taken with the kodak zi8:
Subway Riders

UPDATE: the camera has an available firmware update

Using iMovie, the zi8 footage at 60 frames per second looks great in slow motion.

2010 UPDATE: and now there's a waterproof one! (to 3 meters )
The Playsport

Scuba Divers: If you put this camera in a 30meter casing which leaked, this camera stands a better chance of surviving,,,

Underwater Housing available from B&H

One more thing:
There's now a remote:
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r4i said...

Allows you to take photos from the camera and not just by "screen capture" via software as in the case of the Flip. Software on PC is great but doesn't work with Macs.
I love this camera! Can't beat it for the price!

New York Toimes Subsidiary said...

I dropped it the other day and the lense popped out.... put it straight back... The moral: don't drop this camera

New York Toimes Subsidiary said...

wow this camera has more than doubled in price since it went out of production!