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Apr 3, 2011

Tip #2 for creating Corporate Videos: "Make it Relevant"

TIP #2 in the series "Creating your Corporate Video"

2) Make it Relevant:
Respect the viewers’ time, make it quick, and no BS. (your video editor should be able to help with leaving redundant material on the cutting room floor.
My attention span for video is 2-3 minutes unless it's something really compelling, so try to start there and cut back the total running time (TRT )as much as possible.

Provide them with actionable content: Don't leave them thinking: "So What... what now? "

This 'book video' took two hours to shoot (Daisy knew exactly what she wanted to say to her customers ) the final cut is well under 3 minutes, she tells us what's in the book, why she thinks her customers should read it, and why she wrote it.
The images in the video are designed to connect with the chef in your family's emotions about home and family.
Take a look:

Video by New York Video Service 



Tim Heathcote said...

great video. very well edited.

Corporate Videos Productions Singapore said...

I work as a Industrial Photographer and am based in Singapore. We also run a video production company here in Singapore together with our photography agency. During these past few years, a number of both commercial and corporate customers have been contacting us to provide a suite of video production services to aid with both their internal and external communications purposes. It's funny some times trying to manage both the photo and video teams. Your blog brought back some memories of difficulties we had encountered before while working on set. Like the photographers getting in the view of our video cameras.

Thanks for sharing your posts.