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Apr 8, 2011

Tip #7 for creating Corporate videos: "Make it Current"

TIP #7 in the series "Make it Current"

7) Make it Current:

Average people watch between 1 and 10 videos per day, covering a wide variety of video standards.
Graphics, Music and Editing need to be current:
Apple has made video production available to the masses so those standard garageband tracks will sound familiar to the customer and can make your Company seem cheap, as can cheesy video transitions and graphics and titles from 2008.

A skilled editor should know the up-to-date cutting edge techniques to make your video sparkle 'like new':

  • New Music Tracks composed just for you
  • Modern Graphics in your Company Font
  • Animated Logos
  • Uploaded with the most current Youtube specs (which change very year)

This video, shot for Powerbar, utilized a high end camera shooting at the same frame rate as the 'Gladiator action sequences'- giving the runners a more compelling look. Opening Graphics involved 'Google Earth', which the customer recognizes as current, and music was taken from less accessible music loop collections and tweaked to make them individual.
Listen to the soundtrack on this video: it pulls emotional strings and creates a real connection between the product and the viewer. It's a full orchestral score on a budget!
Take a look:

Video by New York Video Service 


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