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Apr 23, 2011

The Truth about nuclear disaster

It's a black picture:


Apr 14, 2011

Brita Filter recycle program

When you are done with your Brita Filter, please don't send it to the landfill, drop it off at your nearest Wholefoods ( store locator ). They are recycled into toothbrushes and razors.


Apr 8, 2011

Tip #7 for creating Corporate videos: "Make it Current"

TIP #7 in the series "Make it Current"

7) Make it Current:

Average people watch between 1 and 10 videos per day, covering a wide variety of video standards.
Graphics, Music and Editing need to be current:
Apple has made video production available to the masses so those standard garageband tracks will sound familiar to the customer and can make your Company seem cheap, as can cheesy video transitions and graphics and titles from 2008.

A skilled editor should know the up-to-date cutting edge techniques to make your video sparkle 'like new':

  • New Music Tracks composed just for you
  • Modern Graphics in your Company Font
  • Animated Logos
  • Uploaded with the most current Youtube specs (which change very year)

This video, shot for Powerbar, utilized a high end camera shooting at the same frame rate as the 'Gladiator action sequences'- giving the runners a more compelling look. Opening Graphics involved 'Google Earth', which the customer recognizes as current, and music was taken from less accessible music loop collections and tweaked to make them individual.
Listen to the soundtrack on this video: it pulls emotional strings and creates a real connection between the product and the viewer. It's a full orchestral score on a budget!
Take a look:

Video by New York Video Service 


Apr 7, 2011

Tip #6 for creating Corporate videos: "Make it Shareable"

TIP #6 in the series "Make it Shareable"

6) Make it Shareable:

By encouraging the conversations to spread viewership increases
To promote sharing make sure your video can be embedded, emailed and posted to the different social media sites.


Apr 6, 2011

tip #5 for creating Corporate videos: "Make an Action Avenue"

TIP #5 in the series "Make an Action Avenue"

5) Make an Action Avenue:

  • a call to action, 
  • a trackable URL to visit, 
  • a coupon, discount code, or 
  • a unique phone number to call. 

This way your video can be evaluated against other marketing efforts.

Adding video to a site can drive 36% more clicks, 20% more inbound calls, and more than double time on site.
55% of people who view a video visit the company’s Web site;
30% visit a physical store; and
24% make a purchase as a result of watching.

Here's an example of placing a simple web URL in the description which automatically becomes a clickable link .
(double click the video to watch it on Youtube )


Apr 5, 2011

Tip #4 for creating Corporate videos: "Title and Tag for the Customer"

TIP #4 in the series "Creating your Corporate Video"

4) Title and Tag for the Customer, not for your Company

Increasing your relevance in search results to your customer starts with naming your videos in a logical way: "Put yourself in the mind of your customer", asking: "What words am I going to search today?...

Here's my protocol:

Who is the customer?
15-60 year old Females, 25-55 year old Males, Professionals, People in Sales, Marketing, Fashion, Publishing, Media, arts, with incomes of $30,000 to $250,000, who watch videos on their computers at work and at home
What are they searching for?
Deals on expensive designer items that are current, recognizable, and out of reach of average consumers.
(off the top of my head )
How do I help them find this video?
  • Title the Video for the Customer: "Fashion Tips from Fashion Week that make you go Ooh La la"
  • Tag it for the Customer who is searching in Google or youtube etc. when necessary using "inverted commas" for two important words that like to be together, such as : "designer deals" fashion designer deals cheap accessories "designer warehouse" bargains etc.
It's somewhat of an art, but if you keep the customer's mind at the forefront of your decisions about Titles and Tags, you are taking a giant step in the right direction. Just remember to watch results and alter your decisions accordingly.

More about "description" of your video, soon...

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Apr 4, 2011

Tip #3 for creating Corporate videos: "Make it Engaging"

TIP #3 in the series "Creating your Corporate Video"

3) Make it Engaging:
These two guys are pretty new at being on camera, but they have a message which when edited the right way, is engaging, especially with some nice B-roll shots to go over the talking head.
In this video the B-roll video clips tell a back story about our protagonists which keeps it interesting:

Real Estate Start Up : about us from Peter Bucknell on Vimeo.

Video by New York Video Service 


Apr 3, 2011

Tip #2 for creating Corporate Videos: "Make it Relevant"

TIP #2 in the series "Creating your Corporate Video"

2) Make it Relevant:
Respect the viewers’ time, make it quick, and no BS. (your video editor should be able to help with leaving redundant material on the cutting room floor.
My attention span for video is 2-3 minutes unless it's something really compelling, so try to start there and cut back the total running time (TRT )as much as possible.

Provide them with actionable content: Don't leave them thinking: "So What... what now? "

This 'book video' took two hours to shoot (Daisy knew exactly what she wanted to say to her customers ) the final cut is well under 3 minutes, she tells us what's in the book, why she thinks her customers should read it, and why she wrote it.
The images in the video are designed to connect with the chef in your family's emotions about home and family.
Take a look:

Video by New York Video Service 


Apr 2, 2011

Tip #1 for Creating Corporate Videos: Make it Authentic!

TIP #1 in the series "Creating your Corporate Video"

1) Make it Authentic:
Creating authentic video that captures the human element.
Customers are jaded by typical sales-pitches. When everything is available at the click of a mouse, having a good product is not enough in this day and age.

Help your potential customers to connect on a personal level. This connection builds trust and drives action.

In this video for, a 'host' who is unrelated to the product gives a 'human approach' to the NikeID shoe concept, which is believable, and avoids the 'hard-sell' feeling which most of us find a turn-off.

Video by New York Video Service