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Dec 7, 2011

Episode 22: Crowded House Royalty Check

Next to me, at the Fort Lauderdale airport, a 40-ish woman is listening to Crowded House with the volume so loud that her ear drums must both be calling their congressman.

I remember that I neglected to bank a couple of checks before leaving for Bimini: one for playing Vivaldi, the other is a royalty check for playing on Crowded House's "Woodface" album. It's for $28.
I guess that's what happens when you are young and stupid, or don't know how to negotiate.

Tim and Neil Finn, the brothers from the band, were lovely people, despite their fame. On the morning of the recording, Neil answered the door in his pyjamas, showed me in after realizing who I was and then "make your self at home" disappeared.

The periscope bolted to the ceiling was odd. Less surprising, somehow, was the huge pile of weed nestled in the open belly of a hardback Collected works of Shakespeare.

My memory of the recording is blank except for one surviving image of the entire band looking through the glass pane at me as I trickled violin lines into that expensive microphone.

I wonder what I'll spend the $28 on...

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