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Dec 10, 2011

Episode 25: Ansil Saunders, boat builder of Bimini, Bahamas

Martin Luther King enjoyed Bimini back when even fewer black men held power.
MLK, who wrote much of his nobel prize acceptance speech in Bimini,  favored the hand crafted wooden bone fishing boats of Ansil Saunders, a God fearing, sausage fingered salt of the earth carpenter, whose boats are so beautiful that some people pay the $40,000 for a boat and keep it inside their house as a piece of art. Seems crazy, but the boats really are that beautiful.

Ansil Saunders, boat builder (picture with boat here: click )

During our visit with him after a morning's scuba diving, he regaled us with his stories of hanging out with Richard Nixon, Ernest Hemingway, and... he wanted to spend time with me in the future to make sure I don't go to hell for my evil life....
So that's my latest claim to fame: Ansil Saunders wants to save me from the devil.

His boats really are quite beautiful, and the island community treasures him as they should.
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