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Dec 23, 2011

Episode 37: Heading to the opera

Taking an afternoon break from editing, I curled up with a cup of tea and a camera manual.
My goodness this AF100 camera's menus are deep. The control over the flavors of the image you want to record is quite wonderful. The camera's already been put to work, filming Rini, pre-opera preparations at home...
I've scored a ticket for tonight's Cendrillon performance, which is three hours long (shorter than Carmen) so hopefully the left over jet-lag will keep me on my toes as I'm 6 hours ahead.

After the show 2 nights ago, I joined Rini and her manager with the maestro and a couple of colleagues, one still in her spangly lashes (see photo below). A fascinating bunch. Quite an honor to be around, as I sat there quietly trying to keep up with the 4 languages being tossed around like a small baby.
Eglise GutiƩrrez : The Fairy
I'd been in the wings briefly at the final curtain, amazed as always at the very specific energy that happens backstage. Most of the cast are on every night, so they are quite exhausted with a week to go.
Rini, with lots to sing, is supposed to be off every other show, but had to sing back-to-back performances last week as the other Cinderella was ill. That was the night they were filming for broadcast, so good for Rini.

Later that Night:
I Button Holed a tiny camera as I walked in to the opera....

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