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Dec 11, 2011

Episode 26: Bimini, Hemingway's getaway is changing

A momentary witness of a place that will change forever, I'm happy to have seen Bimini.

Our dive guide Devito drove us around the island in a golf cart, pulling over to pay his respects to his blind drunk mother-in-law and her staggering amber cohorts, lunch at the Triple A shack where I recognized the hotel merchandise girl working her 2nd job.. and a visit to the best Conch Salad shack on the island.

The aqua blue views from shambled concrete beach houses niggled thoughts of real estate: the proposed ferry service from Florida is going to bring Americans in droves.
Maybe the food will improve, they'll stop serving canned green beans and over-cooked seafood... but the beachfront property will eventually be snapped up by non-locals.

This was a working scuba trip for me (see pics), but there was time for an earful and a sticky beak at the life of the locals on an island in the Bahamas. 

A visit to the new hotel compound showed what to dread as I pointed my camera in vain at the bland new world that will overtake Bimini, the land that Hemingway loved.

Back to the rushing New York City on rude, cramped Delta Airlines. These seats must be intended for people without elbows or knees. The airline industry has been ruined by executive decision. You greedy greedy bastards. When will you ever learn that it's not about money?

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