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Apr 12, 2012

Episode 60: Underwater Shooting, and why it's hairy

Shooting on land has some inherent risks, but not many really.

Take it under water and the risk of death, paralysis, injury or just being tired and cold define the outer limits of the job. Stay too long, go too deep, become entangled, disoriented inside a shipwreck... and you're fish food.
Diving doesn't have to be dangerous, it's just when you have a job to do, a job that takes your attention away from the things that your life depends upon: depth, air reserves, people's kicking feet and those stray fishing nets that are very hard to see, even when you are looking for them...

I'll be shooting in Jamaica next Month, a classical music video with choreographed dance sequences, and a 30 second underwater sequence. A big job, and one I should really be taking an assistant with me.
It's exciting and potentially dangerous. Good fodder for avoiding a mid-life-crisis !

Photos by Michael Rothschild
Suspended in the water column


Surfing on a buddy
Gardening gloves make hanging on to the anchor rope safer
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