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Apr 18, 2012

Episode 61: Igudesman and Joo at Carnegie Hall, a review, Billy Joel, Joshua Bell

Joshua Bell sat conspicuously at the end of my row near the front of carnegie Hall.
My wife had heard that there would be surprise guests at this auspicious Carnegie Hall debut. I was pleasantly surprised when the first guest appeared, and shocked when the second arrived... more later.
Igudesman and Joo: the next big musical comedy duo

I think one of my favorite moments was when Igudesman followed "it's always been my dream to play in Carnegie Hall" with: "etcetera etcetera"

On-stage tension is always good comic fodder, and  Joo's musical coaching from behind the keyboard shot so superbly out of what rapidly became.. a patronization bazooka at at his bemused eye-acting, violinist colleague ... with a perfect recapitulation of the same during an encore in which the weapon was now aimed at the gracious guest #1: Joshua Bell..  ahh it was beautiful on so many levels. Thanks for that guys. And what a good sport was Josh...

Here's a similar encounter from an earlier concert that Igudesman inflicted upon Gidon Kremer:

Joo's Karate Piano playing was golden material, and I would have loved to have had more development of the idea. There's so much more material to look forward to from him with the Asian characters that, no doubt, will come into play over the next decade. Chopsticks, dog in restaurant scenarios, immigration, gongs... (can you tell I've done this before??   the Como quartet had not one but two Asians in it for a few years...)

The shocker:
As Billy Joel marched furiously on stage to stop the debacle that had begun as one of his own massacred tunes, the Carnegie Hall audience went into uproar, and as he joined them in a trio on his own special Steinway wheeled out ceremoniously, the two-some enjoyed a tiny break from the spotlight as we all marveled at the unexpected legend sitting before us with his funny young friends.

These guys are going to go far. Billy knows it, Joshua knows it and youtube knows it. Let's hope the comedy stays smart.

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Theseus said...

I was there.
It was a brilliant night for them and Billy Joel's performance was hilarious.