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Jul 22, 2012

Episode 75: R U 4 Scuba? Article about scuba certification

Imagine the thrill of being weightless, breathing normally under the surface of the blue ocean, eye to eye with all manner of creatures. 

This is scuba diving and almost anyone can do it. Discover Scuba Before making the leap into a certification program, try a “discover scuba” experience. You’ll soon know if diving is for you. Minimum age is ten in most places, and there is a health waiver which is for your own safety. If you are unsure about elements of your health such as your heart, asthma or ear problems you should ask your doctor for advice. My little sister is a champion swimmer who runs long distances, but her asthma says ‘no’ to diving and so does her Doctor.

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Jul 7, 2012

Episode 73: My office is filling up with scuba gear and camera gear.

People in Manhattan fill their NYC style closets that go up to the ceilings with all sorts of junk. My closets have milk crates crammed with scuba diving gear stashed in every millimeter of space and that's not the worst of it....

Back from training dives last night, Rini walked into the bathroom where drysuit, hood gloves, buoyancy compensator.. were all drip drying, said "it smells like a fish market in here".....
I keep three tanks in the closet too, but I've had more in the apartment before..
The trick is to keep it out of eyesight as much as possible so no-one in the family realizes how much money you must have spent on this stuff. (article: should I become a scuba diver? )
More at
The camera gear is even worse, and it gets used constantly so it can't ever really be stowed away. Lights, tripods and cameras, and all those cables...  There's so many attachments needed for a shoot, I have to put the gear together the day before then dismantle it into cases, just so I don't forget anything.
At a shoot: the Panasonic AF100 
As I shoved the underwater video housing into the closet after a day's shooting in the ocean, I wondered where the new housing would go when it arrived....

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Jul 3, 2012

Episode 70: Post Cards from Israel

Rini was booked to sing ten concerts with the Israel Philharmonic, so I dropped in for three weeks, staying in an apartment in the center of Tel Aviv, five minutes walk from the crowded beach.

Beach scene in Tel Aviv
The streets bulge with people, mostly young, who all seem to have dressed themselves while on acid. Anything goes here, you can wear anything you want, and as little as you want.

I don't know how long it would take me to get used to seeing soldiers shopping with their weapons, but after three weeks I was still staring and taking pictures:

Gun and Handbag

The food is glorious: fresh, not genetically modified(except for the soy products imported from the USA), and that beautiful tahina !

I managed to film some of the concert arias for the singers to learn from, and some good behind the scenes footage for the Documentary about Rini which is planned for the future.

I'll write about my week scuba diving in Eilat with my video camera in the next episode.

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Jul 2, 2012

Episode 69: Jennie Bucknell, one of the fastest women in the world

Some leisure time after working hard for medals at the world masters championships.
Link to Facebook Post
My big sister Jennie Bucknell returned home from the world swimming masters championships with heavy hand luggage. Gold, silver and bronze medals going through the x-ray machine at airport security.

She's been a swimmer for all of her 46 years, doing 6 hours a day in the pool while at school, and more recently investigating new speed techniques with cutting edge coaches, and olympians.
Her story has inspired many of my friends (Facebook comments )

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