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Jul 7, 2012

Episode 73: My office is filling up with scuba gear and camera gear.

People in Manhattan fill their NYC style closets that go up to the ceilings with all sorts of junk. My closets have milk crates crammed with scuba diving gear stashed in every millimeter of space and that's not the worst of it....

Back from training dives last night, Rini walked into the bathroom where drysuit, hood gloves, buoyancy compensator.. were all drip drying, said "it smells like a fish market in here".....
I keep three tanks in the closet too, but I've had more in the apartment before..
The trick is to keep it out of eyesight as much as possible so no-one in the family realizes how much money you must have spent on this stuff. (article: should I become a scuba diver? )
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The camera gear is even worse, and it gets used constantly so it can't ever really be stowed away. Lights, tripods and cameras, and all those cables...  There's so many attachments needed for a shoot, I have to put the gear together the day before then dismantle it into cases, just so I don't forget anything.
At a shoot: the Panasonic AF100 
As I shoved the underwater video housing into the closet after a day's shooting in the ocean, I wondered where the new housing would go when it arrived....

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