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Aug 29, 2012

Coming up to 100 Posts in Diary of a Videographer

Tomorrow will see the hundredth post in Diary of a Videographer.

I'm not sure what to post. It's a small milestone that should be marked somehow
I'll see what comes tomorrow. I'm just glad that it's still up and running, having survived an attack from the New York Times during which they demanded I shut down the twitter account, the youtube channel, neither of which I did; They are not significant in terms of followers, but it's a good feeling to stand up and say "No!"
They even asked for sales records from a cafepress site I set up: (I reported to them that I sold to myself  one apron with the Toimes logo on it as a present to my wife, which she never wears... but I do...)

I did change the name from the New York Toimes  to just The Toimes , which turned out to be a good thing as I travel so much.
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Stay tuned for post 100.



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