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Aug 3, 2012

Episode 77: From Jay Ungar to sharp teeth

"Don't wear anything yellow" was the advice for this weekend's shooting session with the Blue Sharks off Rhode Island.

After spending the morning with a client editing the amazing footage from the 'appalachian concert' featuring Jay Ungar (wiki ), known for his music writer for Ken Burn's 'The Civil War'....  - stay tuned for video....
I'm being picked up to go boating and looking for the inquisitive and fearless blue sharks. I'll have the video camera in the water, useful to fend off overly nosey and toothy predators. I realize now that the weight belt that I never use is bright, bright yellow.....

We'll be snorkeling, but there will be lots of duck-diving and breath holding to get those shots if we can find those sharks in the big blue ocean off Block Island.

Meanwhile here's some footage of the more lethargic sand tigers from North Carolina:

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