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Aug 18, 2012

Episode 90: New York Jet Skiers stranded in Inwood Inlet

Stranded by the Hudson's strong tide, 3 jet skiers were stuck in thigh deep river mud as the public and emergency services looked on from the river banks.
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The atmosphere on the river banks of Inwood Park was of amusement as the four fire engines and two police vehicles pulled into the park to assess the situation.
I overheard one fireman say that it had happen 3 times now.

There was no use trying to help the stranded men as the mud was impossible to move in once you were up to your hips in it. They had to wait for mother nature.

They police remained as the fire engines departed, leaving the jetskiers to wait for the tide to come in and lift their stuck vessels out of the river bottom.

There were smiles all around. Let's face it, no one really likes a jet skier do they? (canoeists don't )

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