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Sep 27, 2012

Episode 109 : Vietnam Visa Application. Documentary shoot soon

The Vietnam Documentary Shoot approaches! 

There was lots of action down at the UN as the Iranian leader was making his nasty speech same. Lots of angry people in the streets, including the Tibetans (angry about Chinese Government) 

Time to get the Visa for travel to Vietnam:

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Sep 24, 2012

Episode 106 : You dive in a Quarry ?

Quarries can be deep; 90 feet deep in the case of Dutch Springs.

Scuba divers use quarries as 'safe' testing grounds for training, refresher dives and equipment testing.
I undertook a season membership at my local quarry this year to finish some more serious scuba training that required learning a bunch of new skills using new equipment.

It's actually a fun place to spend the day and there are all sorts of sunken attractions to make it more interesting for divers.
Here's a quick look at what a dive can be like in a quarry:

Filmed by Peter Bucknell

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Episode 105: Weekend Diving : history, excitement and the ocean

Getting away from the computer needs good strong excuses.
Wreck diving and cold water diving are challenging undertakings that require the right mindset.
This weekend I went anyway....

My E.N.T friend picked the dive boat "The John Jack" to take us out into the North Atlantic. A bunch of guys had slept on the boat on Friday night and were undertaking an advanced wreck diving course with John Chatterton (wiki ) who is well known for co-hosting "Deep Sea Detectives" which I had never heard of, but I have seen most episodes of Gilligan's Island. (click for accompanying music).
Ginger was very popular in Australia. My friend called his cat Gilligan (I digress).
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Much hilarity and story telling ensued as we headed out to the wreck of the "Coney Island" a ship used to carry raw sewerage from New York... out into the ocean......

I did have the video camera, but there was lots of sediment in the water near the ocean floor, so I didn't once hit the record button, but was really fascinated to see inside this large ship and just forget about the camera for a change.

Here's a shot my dive buddy took on the line at about 20 feet from the surface.

It was great to get outside...

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