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Sep 24, 2012

Episode 105: Weekend Diving : history, excitement and the ocean

Getting away from the computer needs good strong excuses.
Wreck diving and cold water diving are challenging undertakings that require the right mindset.
This weekend I went anyway....

My E.N.T friend picked the dive boat "The John Jack" to take us out into the North Atlantic. A bunch of guys had slept on the boat on Friday night and were undertaking an advanced wreck diving course with John Chatterton (wiki ) who is well known for co-hosting "Deep Sea Detectives" which I had never heard of, but I have seen most episodes of Gilligan's Island. (click for accompanying music).
Ginger was very popular in Australia. My friend called his cat Gilligan (I digress).
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Much hilarity and story telling ensued as we headed out to the wreck of the "Coney Island" a ship used to carry raw sewerage from New York... out into the ocean......

I did have the video camera, but there was lots of sediment in the water near the ocean floor, so I didn't once hit the record button, but was really fascinated to see inside this large ship and just forget about the camera for a change.

Here's a shot my dive buddy took on the line at about 20 feet from the surface.

It was great to get outside...

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