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Oct 19, 2012

Episode 121: GMO : America is being poisoned. A documentary

Should you buy organic food or keep eating genetically modified food?
Did you know that most of the food you eat is probably making you ill?

My household has become a "GMO  free" zone of late, and the organic food and grass fed beef really does taste better.

Here's my wife's carrot selection from the green market today:

Once you start digging into this subject, you will find a maze of frightening information about the effects that genetically modified corn and soy etc. have on your health (and your family's health).

This is a very compelling documentary on the plight of our food and how dangerous it has become.
It's worth watching to the end.

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P.S. Häagen-Dazs ice-cream uses milk from cows that have the Bovine Growth Hormone injected into them which has been outlawed in many Countries. (Read the article about what to buy instead )

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