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Nov 6, 2012

Episode 131: Shooting in Hue, Vietnam (a world on 2 wheels)

After a full morning of Documentary shooting: interviews, B-roll and taxi cab chats... my protagonist character: Hung and I sat down for some special local food. The chairs and tables are all children's size, and it was pointed out to me that people are tiny here.

It had been a busy and stressful morning: interviews set up hurriedly with limited time to complete, rapidly changing weather, rain and beating sun, workman's machinery shattering the silence, guards turning down our permits to film, and all of it happening in Vietnamese. Miraculously though, the material all exceeded my expectations and we got what we needed.

Walking to the restaurant for lunch meant running the gauntlet of pedestrian crossings. Hung's advice:
"Don't Baulk".
The continuous motorcade flows around a calm pedestrian as long as his movements are steady and predictable, but they do cut it fine....

It's a country of bikes, and having spent all morning on the back of a motor bike yesterday in Saigon, all I can say is that you have to trust.

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