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Nov 22, 2012

Episode 133: Bulbs blowing in Vietnam. Sunshine forecast.

The Hue Heritage Hotel was like walking onto the set of The Shining.

The off-season is our friend! Quiet nights, and breakfast in hotel restaurant with not a soul.
Pete and Hung at Breakfast: strong coffee and an old guitar
The Mist of the Perfume River shoot, taking place over 3 weeks was delayed by a few days because of SANDY. Somehow, though, all things to do with this shoot have been blessed.
The delay enabled Hung to get things organized before my arrival from New York with the camera gear. Interviews were scheduled, locations chosen and the City of Hue's stubborn clouds drifted away, giving us gorgeous sunshine to light the interviews. The bulbs I brought from America blew during the first indoor interview, so it seems that this would be a sun drenched documentary.
During a time-lapse shoot of the Perfume River at Sunset

I need help: documentary in process (More info here )

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