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Nov 22, 2012

Episode 134: The Facilitator: every documentary shoot needs one

"Can you make that happen?"

Pretty much everything that was said during this shoot would be in Vietnamese, so there was a large element of trust that things would unfold in the right direction. I would have to let go of the need for control and accept that this has all been pre-determined.

I need help: documentary in process (More info here )

The man who would become known as "The Facilitator" shook hands with Hung in the lobby of our hotel in Vietnam's city of Hue.
Pete and Huy (wearing one of my Mother's paintings)
Vo Xuan Huy is a man not to be trifled with. My thoughts expressed in simple English words, if said in an ernest enough way would soon end up taking place in reality if Huy was involved. He only spoke English if he was full of alcohol, so daytime planning was dependent on Hung's Vietnamese, which he says is that of a seven year old.

The first moment I realized this man's power to move was when the three of us boarded a boat on the Perfume River, 18 hours after I had mentioned the wish to hear some traditional Vietnamese music.

We were about to witness a concert of some of the city's best specialists in Vietnamese folk music, dressed in traditional garb. No public were allowed. Just the camera, Hung, myself and the man who made it happen: Vo Xuan Huy.
Five of the seven musicians giving the camera a private concert

One morning, Huy had some time to show me some of his artwork. I was surprised to see that he is actually a famous artist and teacher. Beautiful stuff. I intend to buy some of his work online this Month
Have a look: Visit his site

Huy's stills from our shoot will feature in this blog

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