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Jan 21, 2013

Episode 146: The Cozumel Underwater Assignment

A week on assignment in Mexico's beautiful island of Cozumel is enviable. 
My Facebook friends were calling me a bastard and commenting that they hate me as I posted the pictures of white sandy beaches and aqua waters with lonesome dive boats anchored for lunch.

The week in Cozumel involved gathering facts and opinions for a review of a dive operation called "Aldora Divers" for Adventure Diver Magazine, while shooting footage for an accompanying video.

I found myself 'alpha testing' a new underwater housing for my Panasonic AF100 camera, the first of its kind. This model of camera has never been underwater. My travails began at Laguardia airport where I had to try and get some extra weight through the system… carrying, among other weighty things, 20 pounds of lead (ballast for the underwater housing). The pelican case on loan from a friend actually broke my hand held scale… not a good omen.

$325 later and 3 trips through security, I was on the plane completely stressed out, mostly by the realization that this would not be a single incident.

I spent the first three days and nights underwater trying to find the right combination of filter, iris, zoom length and lights, occasionally hitting the sweet spot and shooting great footage nestled mysteriously amongst the out-of-focus junk that would end up in the trash. 

With the kinks worked out, I was left with two days of diving to try and capture the spirit of Cozumel underwater, in HD…..
Luckily I have some good footage from last year's trip to fill in the gaps.

Video to follow in a couple of weeks.

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