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Mar 21, 2013

Episode 152: Crashing a Photo Shoot on Sydney Harbour

Opera Companies always allow me to come to photo shoots of my wife and dress rehearsals with the press when she's in the throes of a production. They welcome the extra publicity, and they usually facilitate the safe passage of their opera star's support crew (her husband).

Opera Australia was dealing with unions, floating building site regulations - the stage being on the water; generally a liability nightmare. I showed up for the big photo shoot without the OK from anyone, which sent up all the red flags....

Somehow, after donning a helmet, a fluorescent vest and a life jacket....  I was on the photo barge with both my large video camera on a tall tripod, and a stills camera.

The opera company ended up using my still shots and my slow motion HD video footage.

It's often best to go with the flow, and I think we all managed to do just that, and everybody won.

Rinat Shaham - Opera Singer

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The slow motion footage of Rinat at the end of this video is from this shoot:

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