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Jun 27, 2013

Episode 158: Australian Youth Orchestra Project : European Tour (intro)

Being a professional classical musician is a very tough, but very rewarding vocation.
I trained and practiced and put games aside so I could be the best string player I could be. I searched the world for the best professors... put heart and soul into youth orchestra performances and chamber music. I crapped my pants playing solo, often under-prepared in masterclasses for famous musicians.

I never managed to fit in a stint with the much acclaimed Australian Youth Orchestra, but managed a few National Music Camps, which were run by the same organization.

I took the music career about as far as I felt I could: a Professorship, recordings, giving masterclasses and touring extensively in a well established French String Quartet, and founding a flute viola harp trio in New York City.

Now I make films.

The music training transferred well into the visual arts, and somehow life has come full circle and I've been engaged to film the orchestra on their tour of Europe. Joshua Bell will be the soloist under the baton of Christoph Eschenbach.

Meeting up with the orchestra in Berlin, I'll be in seven cities with camera and audio gear, interviewing, and capturing the feel of the tour. Webisodes to come in August!
I'll post them on this blog.

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