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Jul 10, 2013

Episode 161: Gearing up for European Project with Australian Youth Orchestra, tour with Joshua Bell in August

August approaches. Plane tickets and hotel bookings are in place as AYO's administrative team gather biographies, immunization records and dietary needs of the young players who are about to put their hard personal practice into action when Joshua Bell joins them in just a couple of weeks.
I've been devising shot lists and interview questions for the eleven day tour that will take us from Germany, to Austria and to Switzerland. The project gets its wheels moving in Sydney with a couple of webisodes being shot during rehearsals before the orchestra performs its Australian concerts in Sydney, Melbourne.

I heard Joshua Bell play the Beethoven concerto in Melbourne a couple of decades ago, which was mesmerizing, and we're all happy that he's making the trip to Australia to join our young musicians. 

Poster outside the Sydney Opera House
Shooting with a few high end cameras in some beautiful European cities, I'm expecting to capture some nice footage during this project. It's going to be a busy but rewarding time.
Stay tuned!

It'll all be posted on the AYO channel:

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