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Jul 31, 2013

Episode 167: Interviewing Christoph Eschenbach for the Australian Youth Orchestra

Christoph Eschenbach had already made quite an impression on the young orchestra when I arrived for the second film shoot of the series of videos I'm making for the AYO's 2013 European tour.

Glenn Christensen and Yuhki Mayne both spoke well on camera before rehearsal, even playing a couple of orchestral excerpts for the short documentary that will come later in August after the tour's over.
After moving the cameras around the orchestra, finding those special shots amidst a sea of bows and music stands, I managed a few minutes with the Maestro, who I had met previously in Philadelphia when my wife was performing with the Philly Orchestra (after which she and Eschenbach performed some Schubert Lieder much to the delight of the audience).
 Finding the story trail that leads through three different interviews and tying them together with music, footage and the right transitions is quite a puzzle and a bit of an art form. So at one in the morning, after the upload was complete, I landed in the soft hotel bedding, satisfied that another one was in the bag.

Episode 2 of the Australian Youth Orchestra's 2013 European tour project: 

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