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Aug 12, 2013

Episode 168: BERLIN: The Australian Youth Orchestra begins their European Tour with Joshua Bell

I managed two days of rest in New York before getting on a Berlin Air flight, seemingly crammed with screaming babies.

The film project continues, with three webisodes up on line now, and five more to go. I'm producing one for each concert day so it's going to be a busy time. Thankfully, I managed to get some sleep on the plane despite the chorus of tiny vocal chords.

The orchestra management has booked us all in to high-end hotels, which means nice big breakfasts with fruit, eggs, prosciutto and smoked salmon, all mixing together in the one stomach....

I paid a visit to a couple of monuments to shoot some B-roll to match an interview with Martin Alexander, 22 year old violist, who had gone off and rented bicycles with a group. Brandenburg gate was their destination. When I was here in the eighties, the monument was near the Berlin wall, and fenced off from the public during which time I'd crossed at Check Point Charlie, changed money on the black market at 5:1, and had dinner in revolving restaurant in the TV tower with an American tourist who got so drunk that when got up to leave, he buttoned his chair into his coat and dragged it across the room. So easy to drift off topic....

Dinner last night with Emma Ayres the ABC Classic FM presenter, who turns out to have been a professional violist in a past life. She's sending back podcasts each day.

The hard part about this gig is keeping batteries charged and all the camera equipment ready to go, amidst bus trips and early morning domestic flights, while keeping the artistic planning of the videos at the forefront of my mind.
Last night, a spanner in the works: "not permitted to film during the concert"... so I had to string together bits of Joshua Bell playing a 'stop-start' rehearsal, but it came out nicely. Take a look:

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