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Oct 2, 2013

SCUBA diving : an adrenaline sport? | Episode 179

Extreme? Yes, diving involves an environment that is alien to us these days, and we require a system of life support to be able to survive it.

Last night while teaching in a New York swimming pool, I watched a scuba student (also a ballet dancer) experience elation as she broke free from the force of gravity. She became a mermaid right before our eyes. The other instructor wrote on his slate: "You're a fish !" to which she replied only with a smile and kept swimming.

Diving can be one of the most serene experiences of your life, especially with a bit of training to get you to the 'effortless' level. Sure, there is adrenaline involved, but still, scuba diving is kind of like a mirror image of skydiving.

Here is the video from last Saturday's dive inland at a water filled quarry. The girl is wearing her tanks 'sidemount' style.

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