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Dec 7, 2013

A weird Month : Episode 184

Breakfast on Hollywood Boulevard, as the artist who has flown me here sleeps til noon.
We're shooting a nude model in a swimming pool - footage to go into a larger scale project that I saw the beginnings of in Brooklyn. Unusual stuff.

On the hard drive at home in NYC are two underwater video projects: One : a sizzle reel for a tv pilot about seafood, caught locally, for which I was taken out on a small boat in rough seas to film some lobster grabbing on a shipwreck in 120 feet of dark and murky water (risky, gnarly stuff); the other project: Cozumel's Northern reefs, an exposé of the recent exploration of some local divers on this quiet Mexican island.

Next Month, I'll head back to Mexico to shoot a freediver in one of the incredibly beautiful cenotes, for a huge screen in a theatre production. Could be interesting....

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