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Jul 8, 2014

Shooting Deep on Air in the North Atlantic

The mission was to shoot footage of rebreather diver: Ralph Towlen gathering seafood from in and around the shipwreck of the Coimbra.

The Coimbra lies at 175 feet below the surface of the North Atlantic. A large wreck, easy to get lost in, and deep, especially considering that I was diving with compressed air with no helium in it.

Nitrogen and CO2 are narcotic gases which at depths below 100 feet become more and more disturbing to brain function as the diver descends. With special training and a thick wallet, divers can replace some of that narcotic nitrogen with helium.

Twenty-five minutes on the bottom, pressing tiny buttons on my camera housing and adjusting lights for bad visibility, followed by about half an hour of decompression on the anchor line and time to come up and be ready to attend to the passengers who would be coming up soon.

Here's a glimpse of a crew member, Andy, jumping in with some gas to spare:

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