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Sep 29, 2014

GoPro Dive Filters a must

Underwater video on youtube is often blue or green, and not in a good way. The GoPro filters are here to help us with this problem.

We're all taught during our initial training that water filters out light. Conveniently we all learnt the colors of the rainbow which is the same order in which color disappears from the light which we are trying to capture with our cameras: Red, orange, yellow etc. You have to go pretty deep to start losing the greens and blues.

Adding a GoPro Dive Filter will cut out some of the unwanted color:

  • A Red Filter will cut the blues.
  • A Magenta Filter cuts the greens.

The two different filters are designed for different colored water. The Magenta Filter is for green water which you might find in the North Atlantic and quarry diving. The Red Filter is good for blue water such as Caribbean waters. 

A Red Filter will work in green water to a certain extent, and is better than no filter at all. 

You can use the filters in conjunction with your light system. The GoPro has an excellent Auto White Balance which will make the necessary adjustments. You can experiment with this of course.

I've had great results using the filters. Here's a playlist of my recent GoPro videos:

The GoPro Dive Filters are simple and sturdy. They click onto the front of the GoPro housing. Make sure that you get the right sized filter for your particular housing. The dive housing has a slightly bigger lens box so needs the larger size.
They come with a string lanyard that attaches the filter to the mount. Handy for the moments when you don't need the filter, such as when you are filming on the surface or at depths above 10 feet.

Personally I find that the simplicity of the filter is a good thing. You set it and forget it. Some of the other filter systems on the market have moving parts, small screws, hinges etc.
Keeping it simple adds an element of safety by reducing task loading and potential distractions.

If you are doing macro videography then you might want to go another way, but for everything else, the GoPro filters are well priced and do the job.

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