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Jan 19, 2015

GoPro Workshops at Beneath the Sea and Boston Sea Rovers 2015

Hi everyone, The eBook is out on iTunes as many of you know:

It's selling well which I'm relieved about as I spent months on it.

 I'll be giving GoPro workshops at Boston Sea Rovers and at Beneath the Sea.

Pete Bucknell wrote the GoPro course for PADI with the mission to teach divers how to get sparkling footage, well framed and planned, steady and colorful. This workshop covers topics including GoPro settings for underwater, techniques for achieving a super-steady shot, mount options, the use of lights and filters, accessories that make sense for diving, and Pete’s priorities for safety while shooting underwater. 
Boston Sea Rovers
Sat March 7th, 2pm - 5pm
Email Pete to reserve your spot:

Beneath the Sea:
($75 includes entry to BTS)
Sat March 28th from 9am-noon (workshop 8)
Sun March 29th from 1pm-4pm  (workshop 17)

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