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Nov 17, 2007


It's Parade time.
November 22nd
9am til Noon.

“I’ve always dreamed of doing the Macy’s parade,” Dolly Parton said in a statement. “I guess, I don’t get to watch it this year though . . . I’ll have to tape it."

Dolly Parton will be on the lead float this year. The big-haired blonde from Tennessee will perform her new single, “Better Get To Livin’” as the float coasts through the streets of New York City

The parade begins at 77th & Central Park West heading south to Broadway, then down to Herald Square Maquest

Public Viewing Areas:
Central Park West from 70th down to Columbus Circle

Broadway: between 58th & 38th Streets
34th Street between Broadway & 7th Ave

Best Spot:
Best spot to view the parade is Duffy Square (where Broadway crosses Seventh Avenue at 46th Street).
Arrive before 7:00 a.m.

Stay away from Seventh Avenue at 34th Street, this area is especially crazy.

Dress Warmly, bring hot food and Cocoa..
Near the beginning of the route, it's over quicker, but closer to Macy's, the parade will last closer to 3 hours.

Or, watch the 25 balloons as they get blown up on Wednesday November 21st from 3pm - 10 p.m. just off Central Park West between 77th & 81st.

Read about The History of the parade.

Here is an account from a parent who attempted to go:
"We left the house at 5:30 am. We got into Penn Station a little before 7 am and grabbed some coffee. We walked up and over a block to 6th Ave. Since there were bleachers for the VIPs in front of Macy's itself and television cameras and crew situated directly across from it, we had no choice but to walk up 3 blocks to an area that only had a few people already standing on the sidewalk.

And did I mention that it was the coldest day of the year? Well, we lucked out a little because we picked a spot at the curb directly in front of a subway grate ( a miniscule amount of heat was better than nothing!) We settled in and started drinking our warm beverages.

The crowd of spectators grew to 6 deep from curbside to storefront. We finished our 'breakfast' and craned our necks to see what was going on down by Macy's. You couldn't see much, so the police activity became our source of amusement while we waited for the parade to work its way down to us.

The kids started whining...."We're cold!" "When is the parade going to start?" "I have to go to the bathroom!"

I looked around to see where I might be able to take this child, but all you could see were people!

If you have ever been in gridlock, you know how slowly you move. Well, people gridlock is almost worse because you really can't move. No one wants to lose their position, so they are not very gracious about letting you get by!

It must have taken 15 minutes to go up 2 blocks...
" read more..

Nov 16, 2007

NY Stars of the Stage: Rinat Shaham and Jenny Koh perform in Philadelphia in January

Christoph Eschenbach conducts the Philadelphia Orchestra with special guests from New York: Mezzo-Soprano Rinat Shaham (pic) and violinist Jenny Koh.

3 Performances:January 17-19, 2008
BERNSTEIN Symphony No. 1 ("Jeremiah")
HIGDON The Singing Rooms, for violin, chorus, and orchestra
SCHUMANN Symphony No. 2

Click here for tickets.

Jan 23,25 concerts are a different program. INFO

Rinat Shaham, one of New York City's darlings, (Google NY Times) has taken the Arts world by storm, with appearances in Movies singing Jazz, and critical acclaim for her sexy portrayals of Carmen in all corners of the world.

One writer mentions Shaham's personal blog (read his article), in which she gives a continuing account of the fascinating life of an opera singer. It's called Singin'Rin.

Jenny Koh is a funky Violinist who lives in New York, described in the press as: "wild, passionate, unique, personal, intimate," a favorite performer of Philadelphians, as they watched her come up through the ranks from her beginnings at the Curtis Institute of Music, as they did with Shaham.

Shaham and Koh are old friends, and it promises to be a warm and fuzzy night at Verizon Hall.