Underwater Resume - Peter Bucknell


Peter W Bucknell

PADI Open Water Instructor #324 602 (expired)
Full Set of Cold Water Equipment, Drysuit, and Tech gear, Side Mount and rEvo Rebreather

FECDAS Teaching Certifications Federació Catalana d'Activitats Subaquàtiques:
Instructor no IPR-2/0900071

    ▪    Instructor:
    ⁃    Instructor en Prácticas - Nivel 2
    ⁃    Instructor Administración de Oxigeno
    ⁃    Instructor Soporte Vital Básico y RCP
    ⁃    Instructor Nitrox

PADI Teaching Certifications
    ▪    Specialty Instructor:
    ⁃    GoPro Underwater Videographer (wrote distinctive specialty course in 2014)
    ⁃    Search & Recovery
    ⁃    Underwater Videographer
    ⁃    Underwater Digital Photographer
    ⁃    Drysuit Diver
    ▪    OWSI - completed at Abyss, Sydney -April 2013

Technical Diving Certs
    ▪    Advanced Wreck Penetration
    ▪    Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures
    ▪    Sidemount & Full Cave
    ▪    Rebreather Cave Trimix

    ▪    Saita Diving, Barcelona 2023 - present
    ⁃    Instructor
    ▪    Pan Aqua Dive Shop, New York City 2013 - 2016
    ⁃    Open Water
    ⁃    Refreshers
    ⁃    GoPro Underwater Videography
    ⁃    Drysuit
    ▪    Mike Ball Dive Expeditions: Dive Deck (Crew work experience 2013) - 1 week

Video work

    ▪    TV- Bizarre Foods, UW cameraman
    ▪    Video Promo for Cozumel's Northern reefs, Aldora Divers
    ▪    Video Promo for Bernie Chowdhury:
    ⁃    Tech Dive Business Promo: "Alpha Dive" Video
    ▪    Fifteen minute feature commercial for Aldora Divers, Cozumel
    ▪    Video piece on new dive sites in Cozumel
    ▪    Seafood Safari: promo reel and tv show episodes timed on local wrecks to 175 feet
    ▪    Cave Diving Promo Videos for Blue Life, Playa del Carmen

    ▪    Xray Magazine
    ▪    B & H Magazine
    ▪    Dive Medic Magazine
    ▪    Adventure Diver Magazine
    ▪    One Breath Magazine

Speaking engagements
    ▪    Beneath The Sea: "GoPro workshop" 2015, 2016, 2017
    ▪    Boston Sea Rovers "GoPro workshop" 2015, 2016, 2017


    ▪    Saita Diving, Barcelona, Instructor  (2023 - present)
    ▪    Pan Aqua Dive Shop, New York City : Instructor (2013 - 2016)
    ▪    State University of New York: Teacher (3 years)
    ▪    Oceanblue Divers: Club videographer, 2009-2012

    ▪    Bachelor of Economics: Majors: Marketing, Business Development in SE Asia 

    ▪    Doctorate in Classical Music, Viola (State University of New York, Stony Brook)

    ▪    John Chatterton: jc@johnchatterton.com
    ▪    Bernie Chowdhury: bernie_chowdhury@yahoo.com

I'm a punctual, reliable and motivated teacher with good problem solving abilities and a knack for making the learning experience fun for everyone. I follow orders well, take responsibility and get along well with colleagues and customers.
My expertise lies in Video, Social Network Marketing and Dive Travel, along with instructing.