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Nov 28, 2010

New York's Minetta Tavern "Black Label Burger" $26

If you can get a table at the Minetta Tavern (call ahead), spend the extra ten bucks and get the $26 Black Label Burger. It's worth it, especially if you have had some good burgers in the past...
'Medium' is a little bloodier than you might expect, but the chefs know what they are doing so order your usual, and go with it. has a very serious article about the burger. Worth reading.

Nov 26, 2010

New York: Manhattan Real Estate. Ever heard of Inwood?

As buyers creep back into the real estate market in Manhattan, searching for the bargain apartment prices before the market fully recovers, residents of the 'secret to some' neighborhood: Inwood, perched at the Northern tip of Manhattan, have been treated to improving standards of living.

The new and improved 'Indian Rd Playground' is proving to be a huge relief for parents, needing to get the kids outside.
Picture by Carla Zanoni

Inwood's array of restaurants is ever improving: Read the list!

News of the Indian Rd Cafe's enormous success, and their beer list.. has begun to spread to neighboring areas. Friday nights with live Jazz has become very popular. Free wifi keeps the cafe buzzing with coffee drinkers all day.

See what's currently up for grabs on

Here's a fun Video shot after a snow storm:


Parrot Drone: the new $300 toy. A quad helicopter flown by your iPhone now on sale

Click your iPhone app for the drone, press 'take-off', and you see video from the copter's camera. You can fly it around the room, the garden, involve it in video games...
Amazing really.

It generates its own wifi network, works with an iTouch...
Click to read their page about piloting
Film Makers and Spies:
Can you capture the video? Check out this:

In Other Technology News


Nov 16, 2010

Live Recording of Rinat Shaham Carmen, authentic instruments

Baden Baden, Germany: an orchestra of period instrument specialists assembled to perform Bizet's "Carmen" starring New York based Mezzo: Rinat Shaham, who is defining the role for her generation.