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May 22, 2011

Sharks becoming more understood through scuba diver videos

Venturing underwater with scuba gear is becoming more and more popular. Understanding sharks has become a fascination of many, and scuba divers are helping in the fight against shark fin soup and irresponsible fishing practices that have decimated the oceans marine population.

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May 16, 2011

MAYA concert shot live in New York City: watch the videos here

This astounding ensemble had an ace in the hole: the brought in a bagpiper for this concert!
Watch this video shot by the NY Video Service at MAYA's May concert from New York:

0:00 "Bulería" trad. Andalusian/John Hadfield
4:10 "Jota de Pontevedra" trad. Galician
7:00 " Panxoliña " trad. Galician
arr. Kyle Sanna & Cristina Pato

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MAYA "MAYA TRIO" flute harp percussion bagpipe bagpipes pipes scottish live concert "Bridget Kibbey" "Sato Moughalian" "John hadfield" "Cristina Pato" "Eneko Vadillo" "Raquel Rodriguez" "Danièle Doctorow" "Shane Shanahan" ensemble