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Nov 18, 2011

EPISODE 2: Shooting Vanna White and her cat

Flying to LA with a camera and tripod in the overhead bin to shoot Vanna White in her Beverly Hills Mansion, my United Airlines aisle seat neighbor, a blonde PR lady, had just finished doing a $350 million dollar engineering deal. She didn't seem stressed at all. She was most interested to hear my answer to her question: "What are you'all doing in LA ?"

I was being met by the marketing communications manager and marketing VP for LionBrand Yarn at baggage claim to drive to our hotel and have dinner to discuss the 'Vanna Shoot'.

All being on the same page was par for the course for us because we communicate well at all times, so when Vanna came down the staircase after an hour of hair and makeup.. looking, well let's just be honest here, she looked like a super star..... we just rolled the camera and let Vanna do her thing, prompted by some very basic talking points. What a professional she is!  A Southern Belle to the core, Vanna Gosh Darned  when the airliners overhead interrupted our takes, but engaged the off camera interviewer with the intensity that Merv Griffin discovered all those years ago.

Did you all know she loves to crochet?  That's the draw for LionBrand Yarn. She has her own line of Yarn, and she donates 50% to St Jude's hospital. Pretty awesome chick.


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EPISODE 1 : Diary of a Videographer: about me

I'm an viola player and film maker living in Barcelona and also sometimes in New York City.

I started this blog back in 2005 back when people were reading blogs....

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Nov 8, 2011

Martha Stewart Home Loom Kit ! Here are the instructional Videos

Christmas is on its way, and this home loom kit from Martha Stewart is a winner (if you like that sort of thing).
Here are the Instructional Videos