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Mar 21, 2012

Episode 54: My awesome big sister - Olympic swimming trials aged 45

A quick post of a link from an Australian local paper about my big sis swimming qualifying times for the Olympic team trials has inspired hundreds of people!

Having reared two blonde surfer children, Jennie Bucknell aged 45, is somehow managing to swim times that are fast enough to get her into the Olympic Trials for the Australian team.
Dad used to wake up at 4am and drive her miles to the best coach in Melbourne. I have no idea how they both did it. After school... it was back to the pool again.  No wonder she retired while she was still a kid.

Now, more than 30 years later, she's breaking records, teaching school kids to swim better, and running a swim team for mothers called "Bucky's Beavers" (I proudly wear the T-shirt on my dive trips, but no-one comments...)

It was one of those Facebook posts that people just kept liking and commenting about.
We love to read about people pushing the limits, breaking with normality, doing what they love and ignoring the conventional limits.

Read another article about her: (Jennie Bucknell article )

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