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Oct 30, 2012

Episode 123: Sandy takes trees down in Inwood Manhattan

A wander around the parks of Inwood this morning revealed quite a bit of tree damage.

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Oct 28, 2012

Episode 122: Tropical storm Sandy, threat to departure for Vietnam shoot

After Hurricane Irene left me with a fridge full of emergency food and water last time, I was reluctant to join the throng at the supermarket this time, as tropical storm Sandy sweeps threateningly toward New York City.

I'm flying to Ho Chi Minh City, I hope, just as the storm is scheduled to...  storm off.
The documentary shoot that lies ahead of me on the other side of the globe is occupying so much of my mind that the on-coming weather is just adding flavor to the travel cout down.

I believe that the plane I'm flying in can take off with a 40 knot cross wind, so that might be the magic number on the day.

At least the weathermen are having fun.
In other news and weather  I hear that there's a blood shortage... and the transport stoppages in NYC have added to this problem.. Here's what you can do.

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Oct 6, 2012

Episode 113: Daytime at the movies when you run your own business. (you cAN!)

Running your own business is something many dream about.
Often I find myself wishing that I had a floor of co-workers and a boss;

Still, it was Friday yesterday, and I spent the morning doing a dry run with my camera, shooting and logging footage, testing settings and hard drives that I'm going to be relying on in Vietnam for the upcoming Documentary; then going to the movies in the afternoon with my wife, and an early dinner out.
"Loopers" was a rewarding movie. Nice plot and concept. It's always a relief when writers give the 'time travel' theme a good showing without getting to complex.

Here's the trailer:

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Oct 4, 2012

Episode 112: A song, the Presidential Debate 2012, and twitter

Watching the Tweets fly back and forth during the first 2012 Presidential debate gave me the impression that people turn to humor pretty quickly when looking for something to say.

The New York Post asked me to go and interview Obama back when he was running the first time but I was already booked. I wonder what effect the alternative path would have had on my life...  
Journalism is hard work, especially good journalism, and the New York Post was only paying $400 a story. 

The people who made this at least had fun; I wonder what career path its success will take them on...

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Oct 1, 2012

Episode 110: Making money from underwater video

My business is 'top-side' video as scuba divers call it.

The question often arises among underwater video enthusiasts of making their video hobby into a profession, and it's difficult not to shoot people's hopes down.

Sometimes people love their sport so much that they want to make it their job... ; The pitfalls look to be so obvious from the outside but it's a highly traveled road to making no money in a field one used to love.

My answer is this: Do what you love, but do it for love not for money.
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As we used to yell in Covent Garden while doing our street entertainment:
"We do this for fun, but the more money you give us, the more fun we can have"

The Como String Quartet in London 1988

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