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Oct 3, 2013

A New York Fishing Story (true) | Episode 180

An afternoon supermarket run with the wife in the chevy to Fairway, threw the fishing rod in the back.
My wife went in to the supermarket alone as she loves it and I hate it... so I'm just the driver.

Fishing for the pure novelty of it, I would never eat anything that comes from upstream;

The old guys ten feet away had caught a couple of big ones, and had already sliced and spiced....

I caught a snag.... hmmm there goes my lure.... but no! It comes loose... sort of.... and I hoist it slowly up to the surface.
It was very heavy, as the murderer had put the gun in a sock and the sock had filled up with Hudson river sludge.

I was relieved it wasn't a head....
It was a .38 automatic nickel plated hand gun. One slug missing.

I took it to the 34th Precinct, cops gave me a hundred for it. Guns for Cash, no questions asked.

Went to the supermarket and bought some fish.