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Feb 27, 2015

Cave Dive Part 1 Pet Cemetery : GoPro Video

Diving the Pet Cemetery with Blue Life:

Shot on a GoPro, this video shows what it's like to dive the Pet Cemetery Cenote in Mexico.

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Feb 16, 2015

Mexican Cave Diving : A week of filming for GoPro Hero cameras

Seven days in Playa del Carmen, diving the surrounding underground systems, filming with four GoPros produced some spectacular footage. 
Playing with Natural Sunlight and shadows
I carried the Hero 4 Silver with me on all dives, but we mixed in a bunch of Hero 3+ cameras in various housings. I discovered that in the caves a magenta filter gets much better results than no filter at all. The team of divers were highly skilled and somehow there seemed to be a great sense of visual awareness among all of them. Lighting, all of a sudden, was spectacular, with all kinds of interesting light placements happening on the fly.

Doing all this in an underwater cave environment would seem daunting and dangerous to the uninitiated, but it all falls together when you have the right people on the job. I'm about to start editing the video, which promises to have some unique shots in it.

Popping up to chat
 If you are considering learning to cave dive, you should go to Frank Guttierez at Blue Life
Air share drill
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