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Sep 17, 2016

Venice Dive Center : Fossil Diving Charter promotional video

The Venice Dive Center asked me to do a promotional about their Fossil Diving Charters:

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Washington Concert Opera: promoting their 30th anniversary with Video

The Washington Concert Opera engaged me todo some last minute concert promotional work and to shoot a three part video of their host giving the pre-concert talk.

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Sep 11, 2016

Announcement: The 2016 New York City Messiah performances: but which one?

2016 update coming in August
Handel's Messiah in New York City 2016

I have some suggestions for you if you are looking into which New York City Handel's Messiah to attend in 2016

The New York Philharmonic
Dec 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th (matinee), and 19th
Tickets  $30 - $122

This institution offers the most popular Messiah performances.

Conductor : Margaret Thatcher's double: Jane Glover

Soprano: Heidi Stober
Tenor: Paul Appleby
Countertenor: Tim Mead
Baritone: Roderick Williams

Westminster Symphonic Choir 

Geffen Hall (directions)


If you like Carnegie Hall: 

The Oratorio Society of New York

Monday December 21, 2015 at 8:00pm
Carnegie Hall
881 Seventh Avenue
New York City, New York 10019

KENT TRITLE conductor 
Emalie Savoysoprano
Sara Murphymezzo-soprano
Nicholas Phantenor
Matt Boehlerbass 
and the Orchestra of the Society

The Oratorio Society of New York’s annual performance - since 1874 - of Handel’s Messiah is as much a part of the holiday season in New York City as Macy's window and the tree at Rockefeller Center. 

The New York Times called the Society’s past performances "thrilling." 
The Daily News said once a few years ago that "this Messiah is "commanding… first rate!"
Tickets: $25 - $90

Also popular for its finely honed vocal ensemble is the Masterwork Chorus

Performing in Carnegie Hall, conducted by Christopher Shepard
This lot always puts on a great show.

Wednesday 23rd December: 7:30pm
Tickets: $13:50 - $90  call CarnegieCharge at 212 247 7800

Less formal is the sing along style Messiah
December 6th 2015 at 4pm

More information

Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South
$15 general admission, $10 seniors and students
A Greenwich Village holiday 30 year tradition.

Scores are provided, as well as piano accompaniment and light refreshments at intermission.
Plan to get there before 2:30

At least once, you must hear the boys sing
and St Thomas Church is your cacophonous venue:

Tuesday December 8th 2015  at 7:30

Thursday December 10th 2015  at 7:30

Tickets $35 - $95

In her New York Times review, music critic Vivien Schweitzer writes, "The annual Saint Thomas version (of Messiah) is a king among the innumerable performances in New York, admired for the pure sound of the Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys and the spirited playing of Concert Royal, a period-instrument ensemble."

Herald the joyous holiday season with a performance of Handel's Messiah in the cavernous setting of Saint Thomas Church in New York City.

Elizabeth Weisbergsoprano 
Meg Braglealto 
Isaiah Bell, tenor 
David Groganbass
Conductor: TBA
The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys with Concert Royal

Check performance details with venues before making plans


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Jun 10, 2016

Pinchgut Opera prepares to perform Haydn's Armida: video behind the scenes

Sydney, winter time, and a cast of six principal characters rehearse a brand new production of Haydn's opera: Armida. Shooting behind the scenes during rehearsals yielded some very nice footage.
Take a look:

(Pete's Instagram photo collection)

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May 22, 2016

Bizarre Foods TV show: Behind the Scenes underwater shoot

The TV show Bizarre Foods needed me to film some local divers gathering lobsters for an episode that would end in a beach barbeque. The water was a frigid 42 degrees Farenheit and the visibility was about what one would expect from the Long Island Sound.... not great.
The video is private for the moment until the episode has aired....
(Pete's Instagram photo collection)

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Apr 16, 2016

Video Project: Sydney's Pinchgut Opera

I'm heading to Australia is a few weeks to do 'behind the scenes' videos for Pinchgut Opera in Sydney. 

Haydn's Armida
Armida was the last opera Haydn created for the opulent surroundings of the Eszterhazy Palace, where it received a phenomenal 54 performances; Haydn himself judged it his best opera.

Here's an intro video with interviews I conducted in NYC about the opera production:

More info and tickets:
(Pete's Instagram photo collection)

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Apr 15, 2016

Dutch Springs Quarry: the new attraction, a plane, 2016

Dutch Springs has managed to strip down a jet plane and suspend it mid-water in the middle of the quarry for the enjoyment and training of divers from surrounding areas.

Here's the first look at it, video style, before the plane becomes encrusted in green growth:

(Pete's Instagram photo collection)
I need help: documentary in process (More info here )

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Feb 27, 2016

Dive Boat Promotional Video

This short promotional video for a dive boat in the North East of the United States has caused a stur on Facebook.  Very few dive boats have up to date advertising so it's going to put this boat ahead of the curve.

(Pete's Instagram photo collection)

I need help: documentary in process (More info here )

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Feb 26, 2016

A tale of an underwater Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress Shoot
by Pete Bucknell 

A phone call from a stranger led to a film shoot in a deep cenote with freedivers, a wedding dress and a bunch of safety divers who I had never met. 

I am an underwater cameraman and my motto is “be ready to roll”, which leads to an unpredictable life. My heart leapt when I hung up the phone. Freedivers! This is going to be awesome!

Two days later, long time freediver, Bobby Kim and I lay down the rules at the New York production meeting to ensure the safety of everyone in the water. The director, the writer and the 3D video production designer shared their vision with us as we fought to stop our eyebrows rising in dubiousness. 
The list of shots began with some unexpected subjects: an empty wedding dress, a yellow slip, a bride beckoning to the camera and a male freediver in a retro wetsuit following a laundry list of directions, followed by some deep ocean shots. 

I met the other two freedivers in a fancy hotel in Mexico. Drop-dead gorgeous Dana Beck was to wear the wedding dress and her husband, Mike Harder, not so gorgeous, an ex-hockey player would be her safety freediver along with Bobby who would dive, ‘act' and add some safety to Dana’s dives. 

Earlier that day at the Cancun airport, our video designer was mobbed by fans who thought he was Ryan Gosling. Production week was off to a surreal start.

Instagram  (Pete's Instagram photo collection)

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Feb 9, 2016

Sharks biting the feeder

Closeup of Lemon Shark tasting feeder's equipment

Here's a quick look at what it's like to be amongst the toothy critters that everyone seems to be terrified of...
I need help: documentary in process (More info here )

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Jan 27, 2016

Cave Training Promotional: the shoot in Mexico

The fourth in the series of four videos shot for Blue Life in Mexico.

Shooting a cave training promotional is more complex than the 'dive experience' type videos that promote things like trips to Cozumel, or learning to dive. A cave course is an intense, multi-day journey that every cave diver has made on their way to becoming a certified cave diver.

I brought my land cameras down to Mexico in addition to my various underwater rigs. Capturing the land drills and featuring certain equipment required high production value, so tripods, sliders, lenses, lights and a business like attitude were needed to get the desired results.

Shooting on open circuit using a side mount rig seemed to be the most convenient way to film, and it meant that all I had to bring was my drysuit, a computer and a mask (and about 70 lbs of video gear). I borrowed the rest of the dive gear from Blue Life, knowing that their stuff is top notch, better than my own.

So here's the short video promo, designed to go on the Blue Life website and to be posted on the web for advertising.


I need help: documentary in process (More info here )

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Jan 16, 2016

One Breath Magazine : article to appear about "The Deepest Man" shoot

The "Deepest Man" shoot was quite a unique scenario, shooting freedivers in a natural fresh water spring in Mexico. Freedivers wearing wedding dresses.. and acting... Shooting wedding dresses underwater with no freediver in them....  

I'll post the link when the magazine comes out later this Month.

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