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Jan 27, 2016

Cave Training Promotional: the shoot in Mexico

The fourth in the series of four videos shot for Blue Life in Mexico.

Shooting a cave training promotional is more complex than the 'dive experience' type videos that promote things like trips to Cozumel, or learning to dive. A cave course is an intense, multi-day journey that every cave diver has made on their way to becoming a certified cave diver.

I brought my land cameras down to Mexico in addition to my various underwater rigs. Capturing the land drills and featuring certain equipment required high production value, so tripods, sliders, lenses, lights and a business like attitude were needed to get the desired results.

Shooting on open circuit using a side mount rig seemed to be the most convenient way to film, and it meant that all I had to bring was my drysuit, a computer and a mask (and about 70 lbs of video gear). I borrowed the rest of the dive gear from Blue Life, knowing that their stuff is top notch, better than my own.

So here's the short video promo, designed to go on the Blue Life website and to be posted on the web for advertising.


I need help: documentary in process (More info here )

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