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Feb 27, 2016

Dive Boat Promotional Video

This short promotional video for a dive boat in the North East of the United States has caused a stur on Facebook.  Very few dive boats have up to date advertising so it's going to put this boat ahead of the curve.


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Feb 26, 2016

A tale of an underwater Wedding Dress

The Wedding Dress Shoot
by Pete Bucknell 

A phone call from a stranger led to a film shoot in a deep cenote with freedivers, a wedding dress and a bunch of safety divers who I had never met. 

I am an underwater cameraman and my motto is “be ready to roll”, which leads to an unpredictable life. My heart leapt when I hung up the phone. Freedivers! This is going to be awesome!

Two days later, long time freediver, Bobby Kim and I lay down the rules at the New York production meeting to ensure the safety of everyone in the water. The director, the writer and the 3D video production designer shared their vision with us as we fought to stop our eyebrows rising in dubiousness. 
The list of shots began with some unexpected subjects: an empty wedding dress, a yellow slip, a bride beckoning to the camera and a male freediver in a retro wetsuit following a laundry list of directions, followed by some deep ocean shots. 

I met the other two freedivers in a fancy hotel in Mexico. Drop-dead gorgeous Dana Beck was to wear the wedding dress and her husband, Mike Harder, not so gorgeous, an ex-hockey player would be her safety freediver along with Bobby who would dive, ‘act' and add some safety to Dana’s dives. 

Earlier that day at the Cancun airport, our video designer was mobbed by fans who thought he was Ryan Gosling. Production week was off to a surreal start.

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Feb 9, 2016

Sharks biting the feeder

Closeup of Lemon Shark tasting feeder's equipment

Here's a quick look at what it's like to be amongst the toothy critters that everyone seems to be terrified of...
I need help: documentary in process (More info here )

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